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Do you constantly struggle to make any kind of money on the Internet? Do you get little to no traffic to your websites which stops you from making any real profits? Do you try writing content but fight with writers block and the time consuming task of producing quality content? If you had loads of content “done for you” do you think that content would turn into more traffic? Now you can finally build dozens of niche traffic pulling blogs with so little work you will think it’s illegal. You get the traffic and the income all while leaving the blogging to us!

From: Andrew Traub Tuesday 11:06 AM Dear Friend, You’re here at this website and here for one very important (and profit driving) reason… To learn how to generate traffic to your websites so that you can convert those visitors into subscribers, customers and affiliates. Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and if you can nail down that one factor you can basically write your own paycheck online. But generating traffic is the one tough problem that we all face as online business owners and a very stressful aspect of the Internet marketing. The truth is that there are so many “traffic generation” courses & methods coming out each month that are just hyped up rehashes of other courses, or the next newest thing that just does not work, it’s getting seriously hard to know who to trust. After all, how many of us have purchased a course that promises to help us generate traffic but only leaves us with a ton of time and money invested with no results?  Or worse yet tried some new “trick the search engines method”, only to later get banned from the search engines for trying something “black hat” which sets you back months? This is a horrible thing to have to deal with and also a terrible waste of your valuable time, which is why you need to focus on the best way of generating traffic the right way…

Niche Blog Marketing! – The Targeted Traffic Solution…

Now, I can hear you chattering…

“We’ve all heard that but having a blog that actually gets traffic requires that you have tons of content to attract that traffic”

True – and that’s also the reason that so few people actually have a blog that gets the kind of traffic they have been longing for. You see, it’s hard to create tons of content that keeps your blog fresh and keeps people and search engines coming back for more. Keeping your blog fresh is important because the sole purpose of a blog is to act as somewhat of a diary or journal that has frequent updates. Most people just can’t write new (and interesting) blog posts on a daily, consistent basis which is why most people don’t even try. Some say “hire out the content” and “get an outsourcer to do it” – sure if you “already” have deep pockets and can afford to pay $1,000-$2,000 a month for a constant stream of fresh content. That also doesn’t include the time, effort and editing of the content that you buy to make sure it’s up to your standards. But let’s say that you DO somehow get the content in order.  That doesn’t mean that you will generate very many or ANY visitors at all. There is still another big component that you need when blog marketing… This is another one of those tasks that is very time consuming once you learn what to do and very hard to master to actually start generating traffic to your blog. The truth is, even if you have all the content in the world, you may get no traffic if you don’t let people know about that content and give them a good reason to check it out! This can be done by acquiring one way back links to your blog and individual blog posts so that Google and other search engines realize that “other” sites are linking to the site. This will tell Google that your site is “important” and should be ranked higher in their search engine, because every back link pointing to your blog is just like a vote for your search ranking to go higher! Beware – this is something that can get you into trouble if you’re using one of those cheap “back linking” services that you may see advertised, or even if you try to outsource it to someone that does not know what they are doing.

And Don’t forget all that is on top of your regular monthly content delivery of…

  • 250 Ready To Post Blog Articles – Each month you are going to get 250 ready to go pieces of blog content that you can post on your blog! You’re going to get blog length content that’s proven to be eaten up by both search engines and web site visitors.
  • 10 Niches Every Month – Your 250 monthly articles will be broken up into 10 niches which means you get 25 “done for you” blog posts for each of the 10 new niches every month! That means you can enter 10 different niches every month or one new niche every three days!
  • Blog Comments Ready To Go – You also get 10 complete blog comments for each of your niches totaling 100 blog comments every month.  These are ready for you to grab and post in related blogs for instant back links.
  • 100% Professional Writer Certified Content – The blog content and the comments are all written by professional writers who write for a living and are masters in the English language. This content is hot and will make your visitors and the search engines love your website.
  • Monthly Delivery For Life – You won’t just be getting 250 articles once.  You are going to be getting 250 articles and 100 blog comments spread across 10 different niches for the LIFE of your Monthly Blog Posts membership!
  • Blog & Profit Analyzed Niches – Each of the niches that you will be receiving content in each month has been analyzed for potential profitability as well as potential for traffic generation via a blog.  This means you can be sure that your content is ready to help you become an effective blog marketer!

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