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More Cool Stuff To Help You Make More Money…

This page is packed with additional resources that you can use to increase the speed at which you make money online.

Some are free but some are paid and will require a modest investment.

Everything on this page that requires a payment is absolutely the top of the line, extreme value for cost type of product.

I’ve personally bought, tested and enjoyed increased profits from each of these tools.

Make More Money…

The additional resources below are here for two purposes and two purposes only…

1) To help you start making money as fast as possible so that you can enjoy a passive, monthly income.

2) To help you make more money than just the profit you make from using our tools.

I think that you’ll agree the tools below offer a kind of “Hybrid” effect on your business and your ability to increase your income almost at will.

Check them out…

wp is the number one software for blogging on the Internet. You have two options at the web site. You can download the software from the site for installation on your own domain or you can simply signup for a free “hosted” account and get your own hosted blog in a few seconds without any charge. You’ll get a free domain such as

WordPress is the best blogging software on the Internet bar none so make sure that you use it for your blogging efforts using the content that you get in this site.

Recommended Tools

Here are a list of tools I highly recommend:

  • Best Blog ToolPLR PosterOk, so I did create this one, but it is an indespensible tool for bloggers. Basically, it allows you to take all the blogs you get from this site each month, create tags, bold, and emphasize key phrases, embed hyperlinks, schedule their delivery, and then quickly upload them to your blog. The page has a video which shows the features better than I can explain them. Click Here to Download PLR Poster Trial Version
  • Free CPA Affiliate Training VideosFree cost-per-action affiliate training videos for people who want to learn this amazing way to earn money online!