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Training Center!

This section is packed with tons of training resources that you can use to help you start making money immediately.

There’s no excuse for you not to get started today and start taking action towards financial freedom.

Even if you don’t have money for a domain name and web hosting, we have tools below that can help you get started anyway!

You’ll find that many of these resources are actual full length courses but they are included in your membership free of charge.

Your Profit Training…

Writing & Re-Writing Content For Your Blog! – This document is more like a full blown course on how to re-write your blog content if you choose to do so! Best of all, it’s extremely fast and easy to understand so that even a newbie can learn to re-write like a pro. Making your content 100% unique has never been so easy.Click here to download this document to your computer.
Fast Track Back Links – This quick and dirty guide will show you how to get instant back links to your blog without having to pay for them and without using “Spammy” tactics like auto posting software. You’ll get high quality back links from high quality blogs all pointing back to your site!Click here to download this document to your computer.
Getting Your Own Blog
For Free – This guide shows you how to get your own Word Press blog without having to pay a dime. You don’t even need a web hosting account or a domain name! We’ll even show you how to publish your first blog post so you can start bringing in visitors as fast as  possible! Now you have no excuses and nothing holding you back, not even a financial
Click here to download this document to your computer.
Marketing Your Business With Content – This course is going to show you how to leverage
your content in even more ways so that you can maximize your traffic and profit! This is more will teach you what you need to know to cash in fast, plus it’s infused with Web 2.0 love!
Click here to download this document to your computer.

The Ultimate Word Press Training Course – This is an interactive video course that’s packed with hours and hours of training on how to use and setup Word Press. This isn’t just a quick setup tutorial but rather a course that teaches you how to optimize your WP blog with the search engines, get more traffic and convert more visitors! There is a ton of advanced content and it’s all progressive so that you can start at video one and work all the way to a fully optimized, traffic sucking blog.Click here to access these videos.

I wanted to bring back a certain portion of the sales letter below to emphasize what you’re getting each month as well as serve as “brain food” for what you can do with all of this content. As you can see, there is a ton of cool stuff that you’re going to get access to for the life of your membership.

Use the training above and the tools that we provide you to push forward and truly achieve success as a “well armed” blogger.


  • 250 Ready To Post Blog Articles – Each month you are going to get 250 ready to go pieces of blog content that you can post on your blog!  You’re going to get blog length content that’s proven to be eaten up by both search engines and web site visitors.
  • 10 Niches Every Month – Your 250 monthly articles will be broken up into 10 niches which means you get 25 “done for you” blog posts for each of the 10 new niches every month!  That means you can enter 10 different niches every month or one new niche every three days!
  • Blog Comments Ready To Go – You also get 10 complete blog comments for each of your niches totaling 100 blog comments every month.  These are ready for you to grab and post in related blogs for instant back links, rewrite them for even more content!
  • 100% Professional Writer Certified Content – The blog content and the comments are all written by professional writers who write for a living and are masters in the English language.  This content is hot and will make your visitors and the search engines love your web site.
  • Monthly Delivery For Life – You won’t just be getting 250 articles once.  You are going to be getting 250 articles and 100 blog comments spread across 10 different niches for the LIFE of your Nitro Blogger membership!
  • Blog & Profit Analyzed Niches – Each of the niches that you will be receiving content in each month has been analyzed for potential profitability as well as potential for traffic generation via a blog.  This means you can be sure that your content is ready to help you become an effective blog marketer!